CP Multipart Family - M-2509 CPCO

By Barrett Nicpon; posted July 22, 2016

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And another new addition to the Canadian Porcelain multipart family. Elton Gish just recently assigned this piece a new M-#.

This example has an identical top shell to the [id=473700719;M-2512], right down to the placement of the CPCO marking on the underside of similarly marked M-2512s. The bottom shell, however, is substantially shorter, with a lilyshell curve that is similar to the also-recently-assigned [id=473783837;M-2508]. Note that this piece also has the characteristic dots marking on the underside of the top shell, not far from the CPCO marking. The same dots are found on a number of early CPCO products from the late 19-teens or so.

The mottled reddish-orange glaze on this example as typical for CPCO-marked products.