CP Multipart Family - M-2508 CPCO

By Barrett Nicpon; posted July 22, 2016

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One of the newest additions to the CP multipart family is this great-looking M-2508. Elton Gish very recently assigned this new M-#.

Note the crown and marking are similar to those of the [id=473700108;M-2244] and [id=475103539;this unassigned M-# style], and so I have to assume that this piece is contemporaneous with them at some period of time around the late 1910s or up to maybe 1920 or so.

The glaze on this piece is great, with that pumpkin-orange top shell and heavily mottled bottom. I've never seen another of this exact shape, so I can't attest to whether or not this glaze colour is typical. I would have to assume that most examples of this style, like most from this era, would be mottled darker red-orange hues.