CP Multipart Family - M-2758 - CP 1942

By Barrett Nicpon; posted July 21, 2016

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This piece is a little bit newer than the [id=473726017;M-2745A] shown previously, and it shows. The whole insulator is trimmed a little thinner to cut down on weight, most notably the ears, and the lower shell is curved on top to encourage better water run-off (I assume). This example is faintly ink-stamped "[P-inside-C] 1942" on the lower side of the top shell. Being a war-time piece, I suppose the thinner construction benefited the war effort in consuming fewer resources.

I haven't seen enough of this style to be able to say for certain what other marking types it can be found in. I have seen unmarked examples.

The glaze on this example is typical of the 1930s and early-to-mid 1940s - a caramel-coloured base with drippy dark grey/black mottling.