CP Multipart Family - M-2512 CP

By Barrett Nicpon; posted July 21, 2016

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The M-2512 seems to have been a fairly standard-use CP style here in Ontario. These are found with the classic P-inside-a-C incuse on the ear (like this example), and also on occasion with an earlier "CPCO" incuse on the underside of the top shell. Some also are found with four dots arranged in a line incused on the underside of the top shell, this being a classic sign of CP manufacture on unmarked examples.

I suspect this incused version is among the earliest examples of the P-inside-C marking, and probably dates to the late 1910s to early 1920s or so. I think this style may be among the earliest with this marking, as well.

Note the crown shape is similar to the [id=473698784;M-2320A posted earlier]. This crown shape is a definite sign of CP manufacture.

Glaze colours found in this style are all the standard early mottled reddish-orange CP types. No exotic colours are known at this time.