CP Multipart Family - M-2320A 'cent'-marked

By Barrett Nicpon; posted July 21, 2016

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Perhaps the oldest of the Canadian Porcelain-made multiparts is the cent-marked M-2320A. A very strangely-shaped style, and unique to the Canadian Porcelain company, these do not turn up often. This example is perhaps the hardest to find variation: the 'cent'-marked type, with a cent symbol incused into one of the ears. This cent mark corresponds to the Canadian Insulator Co., supposedly the marking used to signify the earliest permutation of the Canadian Porcelain Company from 1912 when the company was incorporated into the late 1910s.

The crown has a unique and characteristically CP shape, with raised outer edges and a recessed inner-part. The pinhole is 1 3/8" wide and is unglazed. Kind of looks a little top-heavy.

Insulators with this marking are, in general, very scarce as most Canadian line companies were using standard American styles during the time frame they were being made. A [id=451053435;cabletop unipart style] and a single known signal style are the only other styles known to have been found with it.

The M-2320A is more commonly found unmarked, though some examples do have a roman numeral "II" incused on the underside of one or both of the top and/or bottom shells. Some unmarked examples have a firing rest on both the top and bottom of the upper shell, oddly enough.

Glaze colours are generally this sort of mottled orange-red. No exotic glaze colours are known at this time.