Trading Extravaganza II: Yellow Green Sediver Suspensions ST-7712 Pic 2 SOLD

By Colin Jung; posted June 26, 2016

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Collectors who own one or more know how impressive they look up close.

I have in trade a string of the highly sought-after yellow green Sediver glass suspension insulators (11.25" diameter), ST-7712. See: . These are not part of the famous Tracy, CA Salvage accomplished by Jim Decker in 2005, but part of an older find made at a nearby substation where the strings were picked right out of the shipping crates. Separate suspensions can be delivered to the 49er's Historical Bottle Show in Roseville in December. Don't sleep on this one; its been 10 years since I seen some come up for sale.

Looking for a California insulator or Postal beehive (California product) that I need for my collection. See my want list at: [id=451835777] .

Cash to even up all trades. Shipping cost will be part of the trade consideration if you want more than one suspension and I have to mail them. Both parties must be satisfied with trade before it is considered complete. If a trade cannot be completed, the insulator will be offered for sale to other collectors with priority given to past trading partners. Sales prices will be higher than my trading prices.