M-3062and M-3061 New Lexington compairison

By Mike Spadafora; posted June 20, 2016

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M-3061 and M-3062 New Lexington .....This photos really show the evolution of this design from 1904 to approximately 1909. Both are the same NL catalog number (#31r ? ) but show how the design and quality evolved . The unit on the left is the very earliest NL production made in late 1903-early 1904 . The unit on the right is typical of the 1908-09 era. It seems New Lexington in the very waning days of their production did make some better quality insulators such as the one on the right but likely it was to little to late, as many of their early pieces were failing in large numbers as compared the products of other contemporary manufacturers do to poor quality porcelain . There is some evidence they had gotten a bad reputation and were falling rapidly out of favor with many utility users in favor of Locke and Thomas products in their last years .