Pacific Bell Telephone Lineman Collection Finds--Bakersfield, CA Area Pic 3

By Colin Jung; posted June 12, 2016

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If you couldn't pick the poles yourself or get first hand accounts from the lineman who maintained or wreaked out the line, then I have always felt that buying a lineman's insulator collection was the next best thing to understand the insulator geography of an area. As housing is still relatively inexpensive in this part of the Central Valley, I am going to assume this telephone lineman was able to live and work in the same geographic area -- Bakersfield, CA.

Unpurchased were a busted California beehive, CD 145, numerous CD 154's & CD 155's by Hemingray and Whittal Tatum. Dark aqua Brookfield ponies, Hemingray No. 16 tolls, Brookfield tolls, and A.T & T. Co. tolls in common aqua colors. I don't recall seeing any AM. TEL. & TEL. CO. tolls. Inquiries welcomed. First photo [id=470322311]