Insulator Display Case - Fully Insulated House

By Michael Gibbons; posted June 12, 2016

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I made this LED lit display case for my first New Mexico regional insulator show held back in 2010?. Unfortunately, it went virtually unnoticed by attendants. The few people who took notice of the display suggested it would make a good cover picture for the Crown Jewels magazine, but that never happened, so I thought I would post a picture of it on i-con. I believe this old pigeonhole display case was originally meant for dolls and miniature furniture. I put a second backing board on it and wired each cubby hole with an LED. For this picture I also attached a side pin and set it alongside my indoor pole display, connecting both of them with a string of x-mas lights resembling utility lines.....Excluded from this picture is the Astroturf front lawn and the small antique car that was parked in front during the show.