Some Interesting C.G.I.Co. PT Colors

By Brent Burger; posted May 30, 2016

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On left, a typical rosy purple/aqua two-tone mix. Not the greatest example of color mixing, but the big dome glass helps. Next is the clearest, colorless PT I have. It has a rather glowing "silver" appearance in hand. A white stone in the rear dome is magnified to look quite large in the big dome glass. At center is a warm, smokey yellow, perhaps "straw" (?) colored unit. I just love the heavy appearance of pieces like this .... threads nearly to the base, big dome glass ... I picked a similar colored unit to this one off a pole in full sunlight that now resides in the Glenn Adkins collection. Next is a dark purple. I found a pair of these and left this one with the rust and grime. And last is the very hard to find Sage Green. Most green C.G.I.Co.'s are RT variants and in the Plain Green. Any green PT is rare, but especially the sage. Note the color difference to the dome showing at lower left of a PT in Plain Green.