M-2636 New Lexington "turquoise " color variations

By Mike Spadafora; posted May 23, 2016

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The insane colour variations of the M-2636"turquoise multipart" from Idaho. No one knows exactly why these were made but we can somewhat accurately date them to about 1907. They once populated a line that ran from the Shoshone powerhouse near Twin Falls, Id to the town of Buhl, Id. along Pole Line road. Supposedly there was another installation of them up near Hailey, Id according to some lineman I spoke to years ago . The line crews were very fond of them for yard decorations, flower vases etc and most that were in any sort of decent shape were saved as they came down over the last 40 years. Some actually were in service as late as the early 1990's. This photo is a line up showing the color variations these can come in pieces of these were first found by Josh Guisinger that the site of the New Lexington plant which confirmed NL made them . Interestingly the brown or tan ones of these used on a number of interurban lines in the Midwest and east are much rarer but command a far lower value to most people . To give you some perspective the top skirt of the 3rd one to the left seems to be the most common color these come in . The blue one is mint and is one I have had for many years . the other three were all damaged units I acquired from various sources and repaired.