Radio Strain Collection

By Roger & Beth Ziesak; posted May 14, 2016

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Here's a picture of my radio strain collection. These just seem to have accumulated over the past few years or so. From L to R:

Green Tint, No Embossing Clear, CONSOLIDATED Light Green, No Embossing Clear, No Embossing Clear, L S BRACH MFG CO, on the back side of this ring is NEWARK NJ, on the other ring is PAT APLD FOR Sapphire Blue or Dark Cornflower Blue (you tell me), No Embossing - (some staining on this piece) Green Tint, No Embossing Clear, No Embossing and the last is Clear, A G K No 2 (the o in No is underlined) also the G could be a C or an O - there is some wear on the piece that partially obliterates this letter.

Couldn't find much info on the embossed ones although I have seen BRACH strains before. If you have info on the other marked pieces or have an opinion on the blue color then lets hear from you. Also I'm not much of a strain collector at this point so these are available.

Thanks, Roger Z