Maine, c.1940, Electric Utility and Double Crossarm 10-Pin Phone Openwire Line

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted May 11, 2016

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I suspect this location was near the coastline of Maine.

The pole line construction as seen was very typical through the 1960s all over Maine. Central Maine Power often used 6 foot (4-pin) and 8 foot (6-pin) crossarms for their 4kv stretches. New England Telephone employed ten-pin crossarms like you see, everywhere within their service territory for subscriber leads. Their arms were heavily-creosoted pine with wooden pins, designed to last forever. They used 30-inch crossarm braces with the brace mounted on the *outside* of the arm. Halfway between the arm's center mounting bolt and crossarm-end was a NET&T Co. pole tag affixed with two aluminum nails.