Trading Extravaganza II: 2 Brookfield Ponies: CD 101, CD 102 pic 1 Both SOLD

By Colin Jung; posted April 30, 2016

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I have in trade on the left a Brookfield CD 101[040] in aqua. It has an underpour of the base which cases a nice lean to the insulator. Condition is mint. On the right is a Brookfield pony CD 102[280] in aqua. The distinct amber stringer is predominantly continuous and snakes from the front skirt over the dome to the rear skirt. Damage: 4 chipped drippoints.

Looking for a California or Postal beehive (California product) that I need for my collection. See my want list at: [id=451835777] .

Cash to even up all trades. Each trade partner is responsible for his own shipping costs. Both parties must be satisfied with trade before it is considered complete. If a trade cannot be completed, the insulator will be offered for sale to other collectors with priority given to past trading partners. Sales prices will be higher than my trading prices. CD 101 sold at Muncie National. CD 102 at 2016 Roseville Show.