Trading Extravaganza II: McLaughlin pony CD 106 with Nail in the Dome AUCTIONED

By Colin Jung; posted April 30, 2016

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For trade I have a McLaughlin CD 106[050] in aqua with a 3/4- inch nail in the dome. Nail is coated with amber and bubbles with amber stringers coming off each nail end. Damage: Only one flea bite on the upper wire ridge.

Looking for a California or Postal beehive (California product) that I need for my collection. See my want list at: [id=451835777] .

Cash to even up all trades. Each trade partner is responsible for his own shipping costs. Both parties must be satisfied with trade before it is considered complete. If a trade cannot be completed, the insulator will be offered for sale to other collectors with priority given to past trading partners. Sales prices will be higher than my trading prices.

Auctioned Sept. 2017.