"BIG NUMBER" 55 FULTON ST.SoldHeadin' to Michigan.

By Daniel Ling; posted April 29, 2016

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My sadly missed buddy Al Klapaska collected these CREB signals with a passion along with hundreds of other collectors. Big Al was a fixture at Chesapeake Bay shows, PA. and MD. bottle shows and of course Springfield and always asked "Got any ah them big number CREBs Dan ? " when he stopped by my sales table. Holding this newly acquired unit in my hand made me think of Big Al and may he rest in peace. ---- Here's a CD 133 Brookfield (230) with super strong embossing front and back, strong moldline and big 5 shop number. Milky glob under embossing really stands out. Has a ping to top of crown and two to W/G lip along with some flat base slices. Great old piece for $30.00 + shipping. First email that says' "I'll take it.". No PayPal. Email with questions.