Trade for N.E.G.M. Tall Skinny variants

By Jim Sinsley; posted April 10, 2016

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These are CD 121 W.F.G. / DENVER pieces. 1 is Lavenflower, the other in an unusual shade of Blue. I don't know what name to call it. The Lavenflower has a thumbnail size chip out of the Wire Groove just behind the right mold seam and a smaller one in the upper WG above the embossing. It also has a nice 3/4" long bubble in the skirt. The Blue is unusual those who have seen it can't put a name to it. It may have been "Nuked" but I don't think so. There is 1 small flake off the WG and 1 off the base. Also a 2" fracture on the rear crown into the upper WG ridge.