West Coast Pastel Question

By Andrew Gibson; posted April 10, 2016

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Top picture, left to right: U-239 Thomas, U-239 N-N (light blue) and U-234 N-N (brown)

Middle picture: U-239 N-N (Thomas very light green or white), U-239 Thomas, U-239 N-N (Thomas, light green)

Bottom picture: U-239 N-N (light blue), U-234 N-N (pastel green), U-234 (light pastel green), U-234 (brown)

I just put up a couple new shelves, and while re-organizing, I pulled out a bunch of boring brown N-N ones. One stood out as different from the others, and it looked very much like the pastel green, west coast insulators. Given this brown one, I asked just what colors these came in. Brent replied and said that these were made by Thomas and came in all their typical colors. I *think* we are talking apples and oranges, and so this picture.

Middle row is all Thomas made.

Bottom row, the three on the left are all west coast pieces, a light blue U-239 and two pastel green U-234s. You can easily see the difference in shape between the U-239 and the two U-234s. The brown U-234 on the right is the boring brown one that matches the two pastel greens, and which raised this question in my mind.

The top row is a comparison of the Thomas, light blue (I could believe Thomas), and the boring brown (I did not think these were made by Thomas).

Note that the U-239s (both Thomas and N-N, including the light blue) appear to be dry process, where the U-234s all appear to be wet process.

So, back to my question -- what colors do these west coast U-234s actually come in? Are they really made by Thomas (in spite of being wet process and different from the U-239s)?