By Mason Colby; posted April 2, 2016

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Vibrant blue with the [020] embossing except for O.S.A. Also appears the I is the right leg of a weak N whose first leg abuts the E and reads MADENN

John Rajpolt posted this [id=431112451] which appears to be from the same mold. His photo shows the double N well especially when zoomed. It appears something is going on with his U also. Both pieces have what looks like a light 5 between the N and the O.

O.S.A. with the rear patent date is not listed. This piece was dug in the Berkshires.

Any thoughts welcome.

Christian Willis: The curved part on top of "U" is actually a remnant of a "3" underneath. Before they embossed over it, the front skirt originally read:



I have a very similar piece (currently unlisted):


I believe all 3 of ours including John Rajpolt's are the same embossing.