Need Help Dating

By Mason Colby; posted April 1, 2016

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Not that kind. Believe this is a NN THOMAS. Mustard glaze. They were installed on bow & arrow brackets. The line dates 1905-1908 range but feel something like this may be a later install especially with the crown design (see the next picture).

U-673 or U-671A range but dimensions are 6" by 4"

Joe M:

Hi Masson,

That crown design with the pair of "C" shape top rests came to be at least during the mid 1920s, pretty much superceding the "half-moon" top rest design that you found on your large New England Power insulator (as you also pictured in one of your prior hunts). Yours surely looks like a Thomas without doubt and likely is 30s or maybe 40s.