Unusual Brookfield 164 in apple green - It has a big head!

By Lee Brewer; posted March 10, 2016

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Update below initial text:

On the left is a pretty typical shape for Brookfield CD 164. On the right is a Brookfield CD 164 with a very large crown (yes, I know it needs a bath). What I find interesting about both of these is they are similar apple green color. I also believe the color is a shade too light to have been made at the Brookfield New Jersey plant. Which means the latest at these two pieces could have been made would have been the 1905 1906 burn (the nine months excluding summer in which the furnaces were typically lit).

I am wondering if the one on the right might not be a retooled B.G.M.Co CD 164 mold? Thanks to Larry Bauman I also have a light aqua with the same profile as the one on the right

Thanks to Brent and others, I know now these fat head (oh, excuse me - diameterically challenged dome) 164s also can show the B.G.M.Co. blot out on them. So these were retooled B.G.M.Co. 164 molds.

I ikow mine does not have the blot out on it.