Bullers, England

By James Mulvey; posted March 4, 2016

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There is an old saying, that things happen in three's. If that is true then maybe my luck is about to change. So far this year, there have been three insulators that I had hoped to add to my collection. The first one I had bid the exact same amount as the winning bid, but had placed my bid just one second later. First, or earliest bid wins in a case like that. The second auction I was just outbid fair and square. Even though my bid was twice as much as the bid below me was, I still came in second . And then this really nice Bullers 14 inch light blue aerodynamic smooth bottom disc. Seller did not offer shipping, offering it as pick up only. That was a fair request as it would be difficult to pack safely. I contacted the seller to see if he would consider posting it but before I received a reply it sold with the buyitnow option. I was not surprised as it was a real bargain. I am keeping my fingers crossed that something equally as good is on my horizon now that my luck is expected to change for the better. If it wasn't for Mid Norris giving me a nice blue bell last month, I just might be a bit cranky.