*TWO LEFT* Oak Display / Sale Case Three Shelf *Compact Design*

By Brian Riecker; posted March 2, 2016

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Here we have a top of the line display case.

Best bulbs, best diffuser, best ballast, best shelves.

3 - 5000K Daylight Bulbs with 86 Color Rendering Index and 20,000 hour life rating.

1/4 inch thick sign grade milky white plexiglass diffuser that will not yellow over the years.

One - three bulb electronic ballast that will run quietly and cooler than the older magnetic ballast.

2 - 3/8 inch thick Starphire (almost Crystal Clear) glass shelves four inches by 24 inches. Extra shelves are available at $20 apiece. (that's my cost)

Made with 3/4 inch cabinet grade oak plywood and trimmed out with solid oak.

Four vent holes on the back to keep air moving. The bulbs and ballast run very cool, but a lighting engineer at Philips lighting told me the cooler you keep things the longer they will last.

Stain color is either Red Oak or Oak Mantle. NOT the color shown! Smooth back with rounded edges for easy sliding into and out of vehicles.

A single light switch is on the side with a power outlet right below the switch for easy power access.

Dimensions are 28.25" widest point, 23" tall, and 12.75" deep.

You can get 33 ponies, or 30 tolls, or 24 beehives/signals in the case.

My price is $400, which is basically the material and a little for my labor.

I will deliver this to the KC show in March, the national show in Muncie in July, or the Springfield, OH show in Nov. Otherwise, we will have to figure something else out. I will not ship this as I have way to much blood sweat and tears invested to have it demolished by a shipper.

I only have a few sale cases left and will NOT be making anymore for quite some time. Get this while it's available.

Thank you for looking, Brian