Original Fred Locke Patent Drawing? Side 2

By Dwayne Anthony; posted February 29, 2016

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I acquired this within the last couple of years and have been meaning to share it here. This appears to be an original Fred Locke patent drawing, not a copy.

On side one [id=461360978] there is what appears to be an uncompleted drawing. This was apparently pinned to a wall somewhere, as evidenced by the corner pinholes. There is some damage due to the transfer of what appears to be wall paint. The paper color is yellowed on this side, presumably from receiving more light exposure. There are areas of the drawing where you can see pencil marks from a roughed out sketch, which was then traced back over and made more defined with ink.

On side two (above) is an actual completed drawing with original signatures, including that of Fred himself. There is a small signature to the right of the drawing that appears to be "Watefield" or something close. The paper surface on this side is in much better condition, with far less yellowing.

Any further information is appreciated.