1903 Fred Locke Insulator Catalog!

By Colin Jung; posted February 26, 2016

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Here is a recent acquisition. There is no publication date. The advertising graphic on the cover is different from known examples, which depict a gutter top, M-2795. The one in the illustration is a M-3725. The ink stamp is from John Martin's company who was Fred Locke's west coast selling agent.

Unlike other Fred Locke catalogs I have handled, this one is pocket-book size with 105 pages of insulators-- both glass and porcelain marketed by Fred Locke.

The catalog was an inherited item from the seller's father who was in the electrical business.

Any educated guesses on the catalog date-year?

Ans: The M-3725 was produced between late 1902 to maybe 1905 putting the catalog into that sweet spot of Fred Locke insulator production. According to one Fred Locke specialist, the catalog offerings date this catalog between the 1902 Catalog #6 and the 1904 Catalog #8, that is 1903; however, the catalog is not labeled "No. 7". Perhaps it is a pocket version of the yet-to-be-found Catalog No. 7. It helps fill a knowledge gap in Fred Locke's insulator production timeline.