2015 Price Guide Correction - Brookfield CD 136 B&O Prices

By Chris Renaudo; posted February 21, 2016

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I have forwarded to Don what I believe to be a pricing error in the 2015 Price Guide. For the CREB 136 B&O pieces, a new color listing of yellow green was added to EIN [050] with a suggested price of $1,250 - 1,500. When Dwayne Anthony and I approached Don Briel at the Kansas City National we showed him an example of the yellow green piece and suggested it was more rare and desirable and should, therefore, be listed as the apple green price of $400-500. Apple green, more common, should drop to $200-250, and green aqua should be added in the price range of $75-100. In the 16 years I've specialized in these, I've never run across a light green. I think this the green aquas are mistaken for light green as seen in the photo. The photo shows on the far left the common blue aqua, green aqua, apple green, and yellow green. There is a yellow olive green listed that I have seen in photos, but never in person. This piece is the only one worthy of the 4 figure price tag.