Fred Locke experimental suspension insulator

By Elton Gish; posted February 15, 2016

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This photo is one of the 350 or so in the Locke negative cache. It is one of the more significant finds showing an experimental suspension insulator patented by Fred Locke. He applied for the patent on February 26, 1907 and was granted patent No. 998,359 on July 18, 1911. The patent was assigned to Locke Insulator Mfg. Co. apparently since Fred was still experimenting at Victor for Locke. The suspension insulator looks like a giant chain, but check out the patent to learn more about it. From the photo sequence number of No. 110, the year the photo was taken is probably 1905 or 1906, but could be 1-2 years earlier. No photos lower than No. 588 (dated 8-8-1907) were dated.