M-4325 Fred Locke in service

By Mike Spadafora; posted February 13, 2016

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This is the top of the first pole the beginning of the Electron-Seattle 55kV line (built in 1903) taken behind the old Electron Powerhouse before it was destroyed by a landslide in the early 1930's. You can see a mix of Fred M.Locke and Thomas M-4325 multuiparts. The Lockes were all removed by 1912 ... this photo likely dates from the 1904-08 era . You can tell the Fred Locke units by their slightly downward drooping flared skirts and more sculpted crowns wile the Thomas units have skirts that flair out in a smooth even way and crowns that are more angular this photo is from the Locke negatives The Locke units produced in 1903 were the first four part multiparts ever produced . The Thomas units were made about a year later the Locke units failed in service in large numbers and were all replaced by 1912 .