Historic Cable Route

By Bart Magoffin; posted February 9, 2016

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Earlier I posted pictures of the original transcontinental cable route through the Oakland Calif hills, where I hunted in my younger years. [id=429330723] This location is about 30 miles east where the line crossed the rolling hills between Cordelia and Benicia. This 1912 era pole originally held 6 crossarms, which were later replaced with 4 lead cables. One open wire pair was re-built on side pegs for a cattle ranch. As seen at the base, the pole has been "stubbed" (supported) twice over it's century of service. I was told, sometime in the 1980's, that helicopters were used to remove the cables, cut into 60ft sections weighing nearly 1 ton each. Today, only a couple leaning poles remain, and surely few if any in the busy congested I-80 urban sprawl below know or care about the history of a rotting old pole.