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By James Mulvey; posted February 2, 2016

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The advantages and features of the insulator AL 20 U

Insulator AL 20 U is made ​​of really tempered glass!

Unlike the pin glass insulators other types of insulator AL-20ED is made ​​on the same production line, and from the same glass as the suspension of disc glass insulators such as "PS", "PSV", "PSD", proven by many operating for decades on high-voltage power lines.

Insulator AL 20ED has increased creepage distance.

Due to this, the AL-20ED insulator can be recommended for use in areas with a high degree of contamination in areas with high thunderstorm activity.

The cylindrical shape of the skirt and an additional edge over it to prevent the deposition of atmospheric pollutants on the surface of the insulator AL-20ED.

Due to this, the "effective" length of the insulator creepage 20ED loop during operation remains significantly higher than that of its precursor glass and porcelain. Therefore, the insulator is recommended for use in areas with a high degree of contamination, as well as in areas with high thunderstorm activity

The threaded portion is a polymeric sleeve that significantly reduces the probability of damage of the insulator during its mounting on the pin or hook using a standard type of plastic caps "C" or "manual" and reduces the sensitivity to environmental factors.

The polymeric sleeve is fixed inside the insulator on the principle of collet chuck. Due to the fact that the thread is made ​​in the sleeve, rather than in glass - there are no internal stress. This greatly increases the strength of the insulator, and also makes it insensitive to temperature changes. The temperature of the ambient air range for normal operation of the isolator range from -60 C to +50 C.

Insulator AL-20ED enables visual diagnostics of power lines damaged after overlapping or insulation breakdown due to overvoltage, without pulling on the support.

The use of insulators (in contrast to his predecessors, porcelain or glass) eliminates the need for multiple recovery to be located near the place of the alleged damage to the electric poles to inspect detention facilities, because the use of the tempered glass does damage visible and allows staff to determine the location of power lines damaged with 100% accuracy - without pulling on the support.

According to its mounting dimensions and mounting method of AL-20ED insulator completely unified with male glass and porcelain insulators of the old type. The wire is fixed on the neck of a standard insulator - using spiral bindings or via wire.