CD 133 CREB Unlisted Blue

By Chris Cotnoir; posted January 20, 2016

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Offered here is a CD 133 EIN [110] (F-Crown) (Arc) W. BROOKFIELD/45 CLIFF ST./N.Y. {MLOD} SB in an unlisted deep, rich Blue. I don't know if this makes the grade for "Windex" Blue, as Lee Brewer describes in his excellent CREB beehive book, but it certainly ain't the Light Blue listed in the Price Guide for this EIN. A few other EIN's do list plain Blue and at least a couple other listings include Sapphire Blue as available color options. You be the judge. The condition of this old soldier is quite spectacular with the only damage I can find being the tiny ding to the rear crown that shows to the left of the mold line in the lower left photo and a similar one on the very bottom of the base that shows to the right of the bubble in the lower right pic. The pinhole and threads are perfect. For character, besides the unique color, there are several pieces of white firebrick, the largest of which is right in front at the upper wire ridge to the left of N.Y., and a number of small, elongated air bubbles in the front skirt. Click on View Original for more detail. Sold for $50 shipped.