Fred M. Locke postcards

By Mike Spadafora; posted January 20, 2016

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As some of you know Fred M. Locke was not only the father of the high voltage porcelain insulator but he was also a photographic artist . It is well known that he produced photo postcards he developed and made himself (or with the help of family members)? in his basement photo lab. The postcards he made are quite rare and very seldom show up for sale . in fact I have only ever seen a few of them . somehow though in the span of only a few weeks TWO unused copies of the same card image showed up for sale from different sellers... (!) You can clearly see how each was developed slightly differently bringing out different details from the same glass plate negative Us Fred Locke guys are pretty fanatical about all things related to Fred M. Locke so these sorts of details are pretty interesting to us :-). I will likely eventually offer one of these cards to a fellow Fred Locke enthusiast as a trader as I do not need two of them... I just wanted to make sure the card ended up in the hands of someone who likes Fred Locke specifically and not some random postcard collector who was clueless as to it's special historic story . here are images of both cards ...

Written on the bottom of the postcard is: