The Day Electricity reached the Crystal Empire

By Carl Schwendeman; posted December 31, 2015

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This is a scene from my Animal Farm fan fiction Cross over. The city that the 115,000 volt line and openwire line are heading to is the Crystal Empire at the end of the 300 mile power line. This city is not controlled by humans.

The Crystal Empire is in the upper most limit at which ponies can live. The reason why it is at the upper most limit is that ponies need to grow food in order to live. Down south in Canterlot and Ponyville ponies grow food and store it for the short winters that they have. In the Crystal Empire the growing season is shorter by three months meaning from November to early April a deadly season called the Starving Season starts up in the crystal empire. The Starving season is when all the ponies have to live off of the food that they stored up during the late spring and summer. Also the ponies keep warm by bringing in firewood coal and in some cases dried pony dung. The Starving season is also when most young fillies die along with most elderly ponies. These deaths are caused by several factors. The biggest danger a pony family can face is running out of food if the growing season gets screwed up by something. Or if a pony family gets sick and they are not able to plant enough food during the growing season. Also ponies have to spend a large amount of time storing up enough wood and fuel to burn. If a pony runs out of fuel or food and they have to look for these things in the ice covered Starving season they will most likely die. And the first ones to die are the small fillies and elderly ponies in that they are the ones who have the most trouble collecting food and fuel.

My self as a city planner who had been hired by Cadence the ruler of the Crystal Empire to help the Crystal Empire deal with the large influx of humans who started moving there after it was discovered. I soon realized that the Crystal Empire was not all fun and games. A lot of people my self included made the mistake of wanting to spend the winter in the Crystal Empire thinking it would be fun. I mean after all winter wasn't that bad back in Virginia or Pennsylvania even the humans I ran into from New York and New Jersey thought it wouldn't be so bad.

At this time a lot of people made the mistake of living the antithetic Crystal Pony way and that was to live in a house one that was a giant hollowed out crystal spike with no running water or electricity. At the time I had asked Cadence about the idea of talking to Grand Nowhere Lands Electrification project about them extending a high voltage line or two down from the Nowhere Lands to the Crystal Empire. How the Nowhere Lands Electrification Project worked was the US Government along with several power companies were building up a new power grid though the Nowhere Lands to light up and heat up all the new human built towns in them. The Electrification Project even brought in power to several pony villages and towns along the new main power line routes. Oddly though the power companies looked at the pony Crystal Empire with lust due to it being a major city with no electricity in it at this point.

A lot of the people meanwhile felt that bringing in electricity and power lines would make Crystal Empire lose it's personality. A lot of the ponies meanwhile didn't know what electric power was so they didn't have a opinion on it. I myself did take the time to look up into what the Starving Season was and started to make plans to go back to my home town for the winter or maybe on a long Bahamas Cruise. Princess Cadence meanwhile asked me to stay to try to help the other humans survive the Starving Season. After talking with Princess Cadence I then was sent by her to go to the Nowhere Lands to talk with the people in charge of building the high voltage lines about extending them south to the Crystal Empire.

Right around Late November the Starving Season came roaring in and half the humans in the Crystal Empire got in to their cars and drove back to where they came from. A strange thing happened to this time a lot of the Crystal Ponies who had befriended humans during this time actually left with their human friends for the Starving Season. A example of this was there were these two old Crystal ponies that had befriended Sargent Sanders Family. These two elderly ponies were basically who the Starving Season would kill off first. So pretty much any elderly pony and or a pony family with young fillies would try anything in their power to get away from the starving Season. These two elderly Crystal Ponies left the Crystal Empire with Sargent Sander's wife to live with their family in Pennsylvania during the winter. At least in Pennsylvania the two elderly crystal ponies would be in a heated house and have access to year round food thanks to modern civilized Pennsylvanian society.

At the start of December a lot of people living with the Crystal Ponies made the mistake of not storing enough fuel for the winter. So the humans started trading food that some of them had for fuel. Meanwhile the creative of side of some people kicked into high gear of some people make a bit. A example is a company out of Texas named Strickland propane. They sent in tracker trailer loads of heaters along with someone named Hank to sell propane and propane heaters to the Crystal Ponies. I found myself buying one of the propane heaters and in control of the only decently heated room in the Crystal Palace. At the same time this was going on the power companies north of the Crystal Empire finally in the dead of winter started extending a 230killvolt high voltage line towards the Crystal Empire. But the new high voltage line stopped at the southern most pony town in the Nowhere Lands.

Meanwhile in the Crystal Empire late December was roiling around and we all had oats and some type of can't berry jelly for Christmas Dinner. Meanwhile a another tractor trailer had came driving down US Route 66 from the Nowhere Lands after coming all the way from Florida. The owners of the tractor trailer pulled up in front of the Crystal Tower and started selling produce grown in Florida. These people in the produce Florida truck and the propane guy who came in didn't appear to be gorging us for the time being. My guess what was more of a factor was the US Government had announced that starting on January 1 they would view Equestrian's money the Bit as a foreign currency that could be traded for US Dollars. Pretty much the bit becoming a valuable foreign currency triggered the free market to think of solutions to the Crystal Empire's problems.

Meanwhile starting January 30th the Electricity Arrived after the power company launched a massive construction project to extend the high voltage lines 240 miles in 130 days. After which the power company began to send ponies to try and sell hooking up the ponies houses and apartment buildings up to the new power grid. During that time the Linemen began using jack hammers to drill power cables and power boxes under the city streets of the Crystal Empire. This was no easy task due to the Crystals the Ponies had built their giant city out of a super strong type of crystal marital that most rock drills and jack hammers couldn't break.

But in the end the power and lights did come to Crystal Empire. And the lights refecting off of all the Crystals made it to where you could see the Crystal Empire lit up like a giant snow globe for sixty miles away.