The Nowhere Lands Power Grid Part 1

By Carl Schwendeman; posted December 31, 2015

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This is a map of the fictional power grid in my fictional world.

This fan fiction is based off of the 1950's Movie Animal Farm. Unlike in Animal Farm this fan fic has animals and humans ruling over nation states. This first part explains why this cruel world needs a power grid. It also explains why the Changelings would love to have Ready Kilowatt over for dinner.

Months after the Kit bash happened between the human world and Equestria after the heron particle r Hadron particle collide rmelted down mixing our world with a alternate reality where humans are not the dominant species. The United States claimed the mostly empty Nowhere Lands but when it did they did get a largely isolated pony population of several million mostly earth ponies. These Nowhere Lands ponies simply called Nowhere Ponies lived in small villages and towns with anywhere from a few dozen ponies to a few thousand. These ponies form of government was local and was disconnected from Celestia and every other place around them. The Nowhere Lands is in the upper left corner of this map. Below in the southern the map is the Crystal Empire which is ruled over by a pony named Celestia and her little sister Luna. Luna and Celestia's Nice Cadence and her mate Shining Amore rule over the Crystal City in the northern Crystal Empire. There land is only two hundred miles south of the human controlled Nowhere Lands. Meaning if you drive south of the Nowhere Lands as a human you are now playing by these four legged creatures game rules.

The cities in the southern part of the map are mostly pony cities. The county in orange is my OC Pony Lotto's home land it is called the Pony Republic and was formed when some Nowhere Ponies and enslaved ponies broke off of the Diamond Dog Lands with help from the Changeling Empire. It sits between the Changeling Empire and the human Nowhere Lands. The county in the far eastern part of the map is the Changeling Empire it is ruled over by Queen Chrysalis mother who is simply called the Elder Queen. But Queen Chrysalis and her daughter Chrissie are the ones who mainly exert the Elder Queen's Demands over the changeling Empire with the changeling subjects. The changelings are the strangest of the races of creatures that the humans find themselves living with in the post kit bashed earth. The changelings are a race of giant half equine and half insect like creatures that mostly feed on the life energy of creatures that are similar to them. A Changeling will die if they can't feed off of the life energy of a pony or human or other intelligent creature after more then five years. This means a changeling will die after five years. But a changeling can live in defiantly if they get regular feedings of life energy from other living creatures. If a changeling takes to much life energy they will turn the one they are feeding off of into a zombie like husk. If changelings are careful they can feed off of a host with a low amount of damage it's that when there are to many of them or they get to aggressive that causes a lot of damage.

Also changelings have a hive mentally like bumblebees meaning they are ruled over by Queens but the peasants have male and females can reproduce on their own without the changeling queen needing to lay millions of eggs to form a hive. The changelings outside of their bug like appearance and feeding habits do have a culture and civilization centered around the Changeling Queen and her royal family being at the top. The changelings at one time traveled to mid evil human castles and villages and based their culture off of this. The changelings do have laws and rules but they follow the Changeling Queen's commands. They also have lesser changeling queens and hives within their kingdom that take orders from the Elder Queen and her royal family. The Changeling Empire has a very high death rate among it's peasants from lack of life energy and Queen Chrysalis the Elder Queen's daughter is extreamly aggressive trying to invade the lands around it to take life energy from the ponies living there. Also before the coming of the coming of the Linemen and great electrification billions of ponies were kept as food harvesting slaves. This meant that you had changeling queens ruling the changelings and the lesser changeling queens their hives under them. The changeling peasants did the bulk of the grunt work for the building of projects and the growing of sold food like rice and vegetables. The food harvesting slave ponies were on the level below the changeling peasants. What there job was for was they would living in the hundreds around changeling peasant villages and would be forced to some of their life force sucked out by the changeling harvesters every few days. These ponies also did work tasks like haul trash and help the changeling peasants farm the land if they were not too weak from life force harvesting. A harvesting pony's horrible or good quality of life depended mainly on which peasant or changeling queen owned them. Some changeling were really horrible towards their ponies and turn them into husks really quick and beat them to make them work while taking to much of their life force energy at one time. While other peasants and some queens were very careful and caring towards their ponies. Some ponies could even live in houses and apartments in mainly peasant villages.

Several changelings and even some of the changeling queens ruling the changeling empire did know and understand along with question their parasitic existence towards other intelligent creatures like ponies. The Elder Queen and her grand daughter Queen Chrissie offered what equaled billions in gold coins if a none harmful solution towards ponies could be found to feed the changelings need to drain life energy from living things. Not much action could be done about the need to drain in that a lot of changelings and some ponies mainly tried making potions from plants and minerals but it didn't work.

When the humans showed up in the Nowhere Lands to the east several large human corporations and investors went after the Elder Queen's tens of billions in gold coin funding. Meanwhile as this happened a young changeling Queen named Queen Patina was able to set up a large lab in the Industrial section of the pony city of Manehattan. The reason why Queen Patina moved to Manehattan to live around ponies was not to be around food but to be around high quality resources to build machines out of.

This was due to five years after the great kit bash, The humans had claimed the Nowhere Lands and now had five million ponies living in the 14th century they had to interrelate into modern human 21th century society. The first thing the humans did was the power companies in Bangor Mane started reacting to the kit bash was they started extending several high voltage transmission lines to new wind farm and hydro power locations on the new post kit bashed land. The power companies in Maine also started adding none human customers like ponies to their power grid. Such as they started selling power to the well off pony households such as the large land holding nobles who owned all the large houses in town. The power companies even hooked up power lines to pony owned and operated businesses. Selling electricity to the wealthy Nowhere ponies was soon becoming fairly lucrative for the power ponies in that they sold the power to them at five times the cost the human electric customers were paying to the same company. The wealthy ponies in the Nowhere Lands were quite quick to add lights and heating to their estates. A lot of wealthy ponies and some peasants would even have appliances and lighting systems built into there houses waiting for the power to come even though lines were a hundred miles away.

But a lot of the peasant ponies were starting to get upset over what was happening with the power companies building electric lines. The first thing was power lines went to only wealthy ponies. How this happened was the United States Government let the ponies trade in their old money system for the United States dollar. This dollar for dollar program was done very carefully and was fair money wise to the ponies. The dollar trade programs left all the ponies with the same amount of wealth before the kit bash and no one moved up or down after this in terms of money or class. And this was one of the reasons why a lot of ponies didn't protest or care about the mostly human United States adding the Nowhere Lands as the new State of Nowhere.

The peasant ponies complained to the United States Federal government officials about how they were buying appliances and machines but being hooked up to the grid. They were also mad that they were being forced to pay five times as much as a human would be charged on the grid. The Federal Government then created the Great Nowhere Lands Rural Electrification program. The NLRE Power Company would build a vast system of rural transmission lines link all pony villages and towns with in sixty miles of one another. The project was built with a mix of 1930's transmission grid construction and micro solar and wind powered battery systems. The federal government would but up fifty billion dollars for the first phase of construction. The NLRE would then pay back this federal loan over a hundred years and any additional money would come from the sale of electricity to handle more customers and add new cities and towns to this regional power grid. While this was going on the federal government launched a three hundred billion dollar project to build a highway system of paved primary and interstate highways across the Nowhere Lands to link every village an town with at least a two lane wide paved all weather road. They also gave out construction loans for railroads to build railroads across the Nowhere Lands.

While this was going Princess Cadence the ruler of the Crystal Empire south of the Nowhere lands wanted to bring electrification to her none human four legged pony subjects. The United States Congress seeing that a huge volume of human US Taxpayer money had been spent to bring wires and poles to what was basically small villages of talking four legged pony citizens. The United States Congress felt kind of awkward of this proposal by what was basically a pony princess. United State Department along with Congress and the NLRE came up with a deal that would allow them to operate and build new power lines in the pony controlled Crystal Empire. The deal was that as long as Princess Cadence got the Crystal Empire to pay the full cost building the new power line extensions from the United States Boarder. This was done so that if the ponies and humans had a disagreement and the ponies tried to take over their new power lines from the humans. The United States Government would not lose tens of billions of tax payer dollars to the ponies in the new power lines. But other then this deal the ponies in the Crystal Empire who hooked up to this new power line system paid the same low rates as the humans did. A bit of good news came out of this set up in that when they added the new power lines to the pony controlled Crystal Empire the NLRE was taking on two thousand new electric customers a week. This in turn made the power company profitable to the federal government. But this also led to very fast growth in electricity demand as the power company was adding new power lines and customers in mostly pony territory.

The NLRE reacted by having a rotating power black out set up were the customers in the Crystal Empire would get power six to eight hours a day and in some areas only two hours a day. But the engineers at the NLRE were quickly looking to add new power stations to generate more power to bring in 24 hour power to every part of there system in a few years. What there plan was they would build a massive hydroelectric station at the mouth of a strange feature called the Great Dam. The Great Dam was a strange geologic feature that blocked off a valley leading from the Board Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. The Great Dam caused the water level of the Board Sea to rise 25,000 feet above the level of the Atlantic Ocean. This created a massive sires of rapids and waterfalls on the river leading from the Board Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. This also created the prefect spot for the biggest hydroelectric station in recorded human history. So the NLRE started building a mega hydroelectric complex that in the future would be able to produce a million megawatts in the future if it had at the Great Dam at the Board Sea.

As this was going on the Changeling Queen Patina had a major scientific break though that that allowed her to build a machine that would convent electrical power into life force energy. Meaning stead of having to drain and husk ponies and people they could drain power from the outlet on the wall. Queen Patina's major breakthrough the Elder Queen had to order the construction of a massive system of artificial life force energy producing factories and a even more massive power grid to support the huge amounts of electrical energy to power them. In that a changeling peasant needed eight kilowatts of power a day to produce enough life energy to equal the amount energy they would get them draining a pony in a week.

Queen Patina convenience the Elder Queen to ask the pony settlements in Lotto's homeland the Pony Republic supply the Changeling Empire with electrical energy from their fledgling power grid instead of asking ponies for life energy for food to make it though the winter. The Ponies in Lotto's home county quickly shut down their home distribution system cutting off power to tens of thousands of ponies and start sending the power to the changelings instead to feed them. But the changelings need far more vast amounts of energy. Queen Patina knew the humans were swimming in electricity in that they had a power grid that been built up over a 150 years. So Queen Patina went to America to convince the major power companies if she could open massive electricity to life force energy plants. As part of the deal she would hire tens of thousands of humans to operate the new energy plants. Also as part of this deal Queen Patina got the Elder Queen to pass a law that humans are not to be fed off of by changelings or face getting their wings ripped off.

Queen Patina had quite a shocking result from her offers from the humans. She found that pretty much every major power company on the east coast and Midwest of the United States was jumping for joy to have such a massive new power hungry customer that would need to devour tens of thousands of new megawatts of power on their power grid. What even got kind of funny for Queen Patina was that the human state governments like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan and North Carolina started competing and getting mad at one another for wanting to host Queen Patina's energy plant system. Queen Patina smiled and said, "Not to worry we will build twenty new life energy plants that will each devour a thousand megawatts each and build them in all of your states. The new life energy plants will make enough food to feed twenty seven million of our subjects in a year. It will offset our needs to drain a herd of ten million ponies every week ponies in a year.

A example of some of large power companies that took on the changelings need to feed reacted by launching a massive program of reopening up every shut down coal fired power plant they still had on their system. But several power companies like one in Virginia had a large fleet of giant 1970's thousand megawatt plus nuclear power reactors. This Virginian power company quickly ordered the enlargement off all of their nuclear reactors by 7000 megawatts to meet the massive demand from the life energy factories. They also had to build up their power grid by a factor of five. They also started construction of two new 3000 megawatt nuclear reactors in North Carolina to meet the massive power demand. At the time this was time Queen Patina agreed to open the life energy factory as the new reactors came on line to produce power to feed them.

During this time the humans did get mad at Queen Patina's kind for their treatment of ponies but Queen Patina did admit that was why she was building this project. The humans now basically having control over the changelings new food source demanded that the Elder Queen ban pony slavery int he Changeling Empire and free ten billion ponies.

The Elder Queen got extreamly mad over this and Queen Patina tried to convenience her. But all the Elder Queen did was change the rules on pony harvesting from every three days to every ten days. The Changeling Peasants found out about the humans and the electricity and the humans not likening their treatment of ponies. The peasants had been the receivers of the electricity life energy and started to get engaged that their food supply would be cut off. So the Elder Queen agreed to ban the enslavement of ponies and the forced harvesting of them. But only if humans could help her set up a massive electrical grid. The United States Government reluctantly agreed to this. Bit several major power companies were jumping for joy like a cookie monster on a hot date at a all you can eat cookie buffet table. In that the Elder Queen did say they would pay market share for the power they drained formed the Nowhere Lands power companies.