Bringing in Food for the masses of energy hungery vampires

By Carl Schwendeman; posted December 31, 2015

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What gave me this idea for this fan fiction was this song from Schoolhouse rock

This scene happens in the my main stream fan fic idea about a human trapped in the Changeling Empire a alien land next door to the Nowhere Lands populated by life energy draining vampire bugs called Changelings that can shape shift. They need to drain life energy from living things to avoid decaying. The Japan them for the changelings was made by a friend of mine called Magic Man who made fan fictions taking place in the Changeling Empire.

The Changeling Empire is ruled over by a parasitic monster named Queen Chrysalis and her family.

Queen Chrissie is able to spare the human Roger from becoming Queen Chrysalis bound and gagged dinner to be drained of life energy. After Queen Chrysalis Mother and Chrissie's Grandmother the Elder Queen agrees to spare Roger from becoming food if he can think of a way to find some other source of life energy to drain. The human Roger is able to convince a group of three very powerful and hungry changeling queens not to drain him. Is that he has a three hundred watt solar panel with him that he shows them that powers a motor and a flash light. The solar panel produces electric energy that powers the light and motor. And Roger tells the Elder Queen that he thinks if he could change the electrical energy over to life force energy some how. That you and your hive won't have to go hunt down and drain ponies and humans. And that the things that make electricity can't ever get husked or run dry from over draining.

At the time the changelings had never seen electricity before in the Changeling Empire. Every other attempt at making making life energy from none living things involved some changeling or very frightened pony trying to mix up some potion that could feed a changeling. Queen Chrysalis Chrissy's mother never liked Roger or Chrissie for that mater. So every chance Queen Chrysalis gets she tries to get her mother the Elder Queen to let her drain Roger and turn him into a husk.

The Elder Queen Meanwhile is willing to let Roger help her in that her subjects the changeling peasants only live ten years long without feeding on life energy. And she has billions and billions of subjects to take care of. The Changeling Peasants are at the point were they want Queen Chrysalis head on a stick form starvation and many failed wars. Also the Changeling Empire's population of enslaved ponies are quickly dying out and becoming husks due to over draining. At the same time Roger hate's Queen Chrysalis and finds the Elder Queen no sweetheart ether. Roger finds Chrissie and most of the Changeling Peasants not to be horrible monsters like he was told.

While Roger is trying to build a machine that makes artificial life energy. He gets help from a friendly Changeling Queen named Queen Patina who had tried making artificial life force for the last few decades. But with Roger's help and understanding of modern human built lab equipment and electricity. They are able to make artificial life energy by way of a living statistic converter machine based off a reverse version of a changeling's stomach. The life energy static converter runs off of huge amounts of electricity.

On the first night of the machine being built Queen Chrysalis gets so over fed from the machine that she gets drunk and kisses Roger before falling on the floor.

The next morning the Elder Queen demands that Queen Chrysalis lead the Changeling Army and Peasants to build up a massive electrical grid to feed power into giant factories that can make artificial life. Roger also tells the Elder Queen that the ponies and the humans on the outside would help you guys ship in electricity along with build massive power plants and dams. But only if you free all the enslaved ponies and stop husking ponies for life energy. Queen Chrysalis at this point realizing that if her subjects the peasants and the changeling army found out about Roger's proposal. They would kill her in that a 1000 megawatt power plant can feed three times more changeling peasants then 50,000 enslaved ponies. And on top of that the power plant can make food around the clock unlike ponies that can only be safely harvested every ten days.

The humans and ponies on the outside agree to Elder Queen offering to free the ponies and not harm humans in return for electricity. But the next thing Roger has to do to save his new friend Chrissie's Queen ship is that he has to built up a massive system of high voltage lines and power plants along with factories. Not to mention Roger is really thinking about bringing flush toilets and streetlights to the changeling peasants in that he really misses those things from home.