Same model, same place, five versions

By Francesco Bianchi; posted December 22, 2015

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From the same substation near Teramo town (Italy), here a small collection!

When you see a lot of insulators of the same model, you didn't expect to find a true assortment of different manufacturers, but sometimes it happens.. a very big luck!

From left to right: LIGURE VACCARI, Richard-Ginori, IMEC STEATITE, IMEC and Verbano.

The most interesting piece of the loot is the IMEC STEATITE insulator (in the center), extremely rare because the STEATITE family was made of special steathite-based porcelain expecially developed for high frequency applications, then it's very difficult to see them in a ordinary MV substation. Most of the IMEC STEATITE production was used by the ex E.I.A.R. for high power radio transmission plants (E.I.A.R. means Ente Italiano per le Audizioni Radiofoniche, the old Italian public company for National radio broadcast).