The ones that got away,

By James Mulvey; posted December 15, 2015

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The ones that got away this year. These are a few of the suspensions that I was unable to add to the display, but not for lack of trying. A nice yellow 11 inch fog type with clevis - has been listed on eBay for many months. One of several the seller has for sale but he will not post, pickup only. Large Russian 18 inch disc. I have been trying for years to get the owner to send it but have not been successful. Money was not the issue, suitable crating was. Gorgeous green 6 inch discs from France. Seller had several and I bought them all. After 3 months I inquired after them and found they had been returned to him and they were now all damaged. I had begged him to pack extra carefully as it was a long way, but why they returned to him is a mystery. ( Is this what fortunate people refer to as good luck?). I needed 3-4 small 6 inch gray suspensions to finish a display, found an eBayer with 6 listed. A new seller with high hopes, I sent him an email suggesting that $400 (plus postage) was a bit high and to do some comparison pricing. Seller just pulled the auction.

WOULD NOT send it; COULD NOT send it; SHOULD NOT have sent it; WTF.

Springfield was exceptionally rewarding this year, eBay not so much. The local dumpsters were a bust with no permission given for any scrounging. New company policies......