Some of the Junk I Found at the Yankee Pole Cat Show

By Chris Cotnoir; posted December 8, 2015

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For your viewing pleasure, here is a collage of a CD 164 BROOKFIELD "sleeper" that I picked up at the Yankee Pole Cat Insulator Club Beat the Snow Show last Sunday. The top set of pics shows the piece under fluorescent lighting, which is how it looked inside when I bought it at the show. The second set of pics shows the same angles using a flash with a dark background. Notice the great milky, snotty swirls and bits of firebrick everywhere. The swirling is so strong it give the insulator a jade appearance, which is more apparent in the third set of photos that were taken in direct sunlight shining through the window. The bottom pics show the piece with base lighting. Click on View Original, above, for a real treat. While Brookfield insulators may not be in high demand generally, you can't say they're boring. 8^P