Large Porcelain Battery Rests

By Nick Bergkessel; posted December 7, 2015

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Mary and I were very fortunate this fall to acquire two variations of this rather scarce porcelain battery rest. The one on the right is similar to the excellent example that Charlie Irons posted here:


It has a threaded "screw" top that is also common to several of the glass battery rest styles. The one on the left is different, in that it uses a smaller diameter straight-sided (locator) pin. Since the pin is fully glazed it should eliminate any consideration that this has been modified from its original design. Both have significant damage, but not so much that the basic profile is obscured Given the difference in the can't of the shoulder leading away from the pin, this is certainly from a different mold, if not from different manufacturer. Posted here as reference information, and any comments would be welcomed.