" Fizzy " Light Blue Aqua CD 151

By Bear Spitler; posted November 22, 2015

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Here is a [125] ( F-Skirt ) H.G.CO./Pat'd May 2nd 1893 ( R-Skirt ) PETTICOAT with base SDP's & Inner Petticoat SDP's with abundance of Champagne Fizz in the glass. When photographed with under lighting to show the Champagne Fizz the color of the piece looks greenish. But actual color is Light Blue Aqua. All the drip points are accounted for and the usual very small flea ticks here or there is all for what could be said for damage. Really clean CD 151 which is known to be prone to damage. Provenance for this piece is known and will be shared with new owner if interested. Asking $50.00 which includes postage.