Springfield treasures

By James Mulvey; posted November 13, 2015

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The Mid-Ohio show was unbeatable for me this year. Besides near perfect weather there was more insulators to my liking than in any earlier shows I have attended. Combined with several pre-show deals and I certainly had a load coming home.

I picked up enough Hemingray blue pieces to finish one project started several years ago. Added more purples to another display. I even picked up some black/white RT insulators off the free table to replace damaged ones on the Ugly tree. Cheap, coloured porcelain Unipart's came back and add colour to my porcelain tree, replacing an over abundance of U2421. Several blue multipart's add colour to my multipart tree, replacing some of the too many brown OB's currently installed. Several service drops were added to yet another display, but I still need a few more to finish it, so looks like I may be back next year.

And then there were the suspensions. I didn't buy many at the show, but I did have a pre-show trade with Zachary Clay to complete. A dozen glass discs for these blue-gray Locke. Thanks again Zachary. They were what I needed to finish what I believe will be my last suspension tree type display.