California Insulators in Scarce CD/Color Combos & Oddities Updated 03/16/2018

By Colin Jung; posted November 11, 2015

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California Insulator Want List (Updated 03/16/2018):

CD 102[010] C.G.I.Co. peach, yellow/peach 2-tone (dome glass), smoky straw, blue or aqua in PT mold; blue in RT mold

CD 102[010] CALIFORNIA aqua (not blue);

CD 112[010] CALIFORNIA purple/sage 2-tone, lilac; sage green tint (full dome glass, stronger color for a tint)

CD 112[020] CALIFORNIA aqua (dome glass keg variant);

CD 121[010] A007/CALIFORNIA smoke, 2-tones (good color sep.);

CD 133[010] CALIFORNIA yellow, peach, smoke, blue (not aqua);

CD 145[010] CALIFORNIA yellow, citrine, 2-tone (good color sep.);

CD 145[010] POSTAL smoky yellow;

CD 152[010] CALIFORNIA light citrine, 2-tone (good color sep), straw;

CD 160[010] CALIFORNIA plum, peach, light yellow green;

CD 161[010]CALIFORNIA purple/yellow 2-tone;

CD 162[010] CALIFORNIA 2-tones (good color separation), lilac; peach

CD 164[010] no embossing aqua;

CD 166[010] A011/CALIFORNIA pink, peach, 2-tone (good color separation), plum;

CD 178[010] CALIFORNIA/ 303/Santa Ana light yellow green, smoke;

CD 178[010] 303/Santa Ana sage green;

CD 187[010] CALIFORNIA sage green, light citrine, 2-tone;

CD 190/191[010] A021/CALIFORNIA any color;

CD 200[010] CALIFORNIA peach, yellow, 2-tone;

CD 201[010] CALIFORNIA blue (not blue aqua);

CD 208[010] CALIFORNIA yellow;

CD 260[010] CALIFORNIA smoke, gingerale, 2-tones;

CD 260[020] CALIFORNIA (pinch ear) green aqua; blue (not blue aqua);

CD 1131[010] 15/CALIFORNIA PAT APL'D FOR in yellow ( have a cooked one; need an unaltered one) and in green (not sage green).

Also looking for any California-made POSTAL beehives and Cals in any CD in unlisted colors or with unusual character: significant amber, olive or milk swirling, large bubbles or bubble masses (foaming), foreign bodies (junk), significant hare lips and other significant underpours. Also interested in any California Glass Insulator Company paperwork: photos, price list, catalogs, invoices, correspondence, letterhead, stock certificate, bonds, etc. $$$ and Great Trades available. If you are not sure what you have, feel free to browse the words "California Color Guidance" in the reference folder or contact me for a pressure-less opinion. Contact: COLIN JUNG, NIA #7055 Email: