Russian or Mexican

By James Mulvey; posted November 11, 2015

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Picked this up at the Mid-Ohio show. Badly corroded by salt water not all the markings are legible- yet.

I would appreciate any thoughts and comments on this seven inch suspension. The glass is marked with the RUSSIAN BEAR symbol and directly above it on the metal cap is MEXICO. Also on the cap is the IUSA in a diagonal box - which is associated with Mexican insulators. As well there is an 81 on the glass and an 82 on the cap.

In part Bud theorizes " It seems quite possible that Cuba/Russia had something to do with it. Mexico probably did not have the technology to make the glass part of the suspension so they bought them from a communist source. In the 70s and 80s Cuba was pushing communism in Mexico. The Russian Olympic Bear was being painted on boulders by the beach and around in town..."