The Old Line to New Hartford

By Rob Bachand; posted November 8, 2015

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Now a popular Rails to Trails route over the Farmington River. The remains of the famous Collins Axe factory can be seen on the left. They were in business from 1826 thru 1966. The Flood of '55 pretty much ended their run.

An excerpt from wiki: "Collinsville is located in the southwestern part of Canton. It was built around the Collins Company Axe Factory, a world-renowned manufacturer of edge tools, such as axes, machetes, picks andknives. Collins machetes were the brand of choice in South America. Collins tools were used almost exclusively for the construction of theTrans-Siberian Railway, and axes and picks made their way across the country to be used in the California Gold Rush. Admiral Peary carried Collins tools to theNorth Pole."