Insulator with iron cap? What is it?

By Fred Collier; posted October 9, 2015

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Does anyone know what this is? 8" wide x 7" tall. It does appear to have a pinhole with threads. I do not have it yet. It was a buy now on eBay. Update. I was finally able to contact the eBay seller about this item. His business is in Texas, but he picked up this item in an antique shop in England. So, I guess it is an English or European item. Second update. After receiving this insulator I see it has a pinhole of sorts, but no threads. This leads me to conclude that it is probably a third rail insulator for an electric trolley system. Third update. James Mulvey sent me a link to a similar item in porcelain that was for sale on eBay. It is a third rail insulator. Here is the link to the porcelain version. [id=450213384] Thanks James!