CD 115 HEMINGRAY No. 10 Unlisted Crown Variant?

By Chris Cotnoir; posted October 5, 2015

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Here is a CD 115 apparently EIN [020] (F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY (R-Skirt) No 10 SDP in blue aqua. The top of the dome is concave, the upper wire groove is considerably wider than the lower, and the two upper wire ridges look more like they came off a CD 106 Hemi No. 9 than the usual HEMINGRAY-10 profile, as shown in the bottom comparison photo. (This is not EIN [152] as there is no MADE IN U.S.A. on the front skirt.) I don't know if this merits a separate listing in the Price Guide, but it sure looks different to me. Anyone else?

Andrew G. wrote: My initial impression is that this is an older mold that has been reworked. Something was wearing out or there was some sort of damage in the upper groove, and they removed a layer of metal from the mold to clean things up. That would result in a wider profile as seen here. I have a couple similar examples in other CDs -- in my mind, these don't warrant a new entry in the PG, but they are certainly an interesting insight into they day to day workings of the factory!

Don B. agreed: I think Andrew is right on here. There are several minor variations like this and I believe they were all made by reworking an old mold in a way that enlarged some portion of the insulator. As far as the concave dome, it was probably caused by removing the plunger while the glass was still too hot and is a one-time error due to manufacturing, not a different mold.

And, of course, Jack S. offered: I believe that is the CD 115 BBS variant ..... "Barry Bonds Steroid" version. If you don't touch it in 8 months it will lose that bulky look along with 2 hat sizes.