Hemingray CD 127.4 vs unembossed CD 127 comparison (side view)

By Bill Meier; posted October 2, 2015

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On the left is a CD 127.4 embossed "PATENT / DEC. 19. 1871" and on the right is an unembossed CD 127. One can note the similar appearance of the glass and threads and the color, that "Hemingray Aqua". Of particular significance is the three piece mold with the mold line around the crown, as can be seen in the photo about 3/8" up from the wire groove. Typical, and perhaps unique, to all Hemingray made pieces.

The [id=448392183; next photo] shows a view of the bases. Virtually identical in molding methods and shape. A few creases can be seen across the base of the CD 127 but these are not mold lines.

I would say, that with extremely high probability, this CD 127 embossing designated "[020] [No embossing] {3-piece mold; mold line around crown} SB" in the 2015 price guide, was produced by Hemingray.

If you have one of these CD 127s unembossed [020] pieces please let me know. I would like to see if the molding style is the same.

Note: in the 2020 Price Guide this has been reassigned CD 127.1