Three Nice 122's

By Andrew Levin; posted September 30, 2015

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Many would consider these run-of-the-mill 122's. But, if you don't have one with these incredibly small and incredibly sharp drips, this set might be a nice addition to your collection.

All are very near mint. The straw Maydwell [010] has a tiny tick mark on the come; hard to see. The light green McLaughlin [020] has a tick mark on the lower wire ridge and tiny bruise on the outside base; which looks like a small bubble until you feel it. The Hemi-Blue 122 [030] has a pencil point tick mark right at the outside horizontal base mold line. Very minor stuff.

The tiny drips on the Maydwell look perfectly intact to me. One might be slightly underpoured. Given their size, it's a wonder most of them were not underpoured. See second picture.

Only $10.00 plus actual shipping for the lot. The most the shipping will be is $11.30 for a medium flat rate box. But it will be less if it does not have to go that far.

More pictures available on request. Returns OK if not satisfied.