California Color Guidance: Why some insulator glass colors won't be described.

By Colin Jung; posted September 24, 2015

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The eBay seller described the color as brown.

The purchaser calls the color "Grand Canyon Red with Terracotta Swirls" because he owns it and can call it whatever he wants.

The specialty collector (California, tolls or color) responded: "I don't have that color; it doesn't matter what it is, I want it."

The cynical collector responded: "I have never seen that insulator color before! It must be cooked so the color doesn't matter!"

The technical collector responded: " Aw yes, an improperly mixed batch of raw glass with a less than average amount of clarifying manganese agent. The glass was lightly solarized creating a color nearing the purple end of the color spectrum blah, blah, blah....."

The price guide adherent responded: " I don't see a color listing for it under the California CD 121 listings, therefore it does not exist."

The glass color expert responded: " I know that color well. It reminds me of the sun-colored amethyst units without the amethyst. It definitely has the reddish brown hues with a mild smokey tonality. Now the dome swirls are very distinctive; the color reminds me of a medium body Merlot just past its prime."

If Don Briel responded: "If you cannot describe the color succinctly, its not going into the price guide. I am not going to devote a paragraph to your color description."