"Short" Hemi-42.

By Barrett Nicpon; posted December 15, 2002

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The guy on the right is the topic of discussion here, I'm just wondering why he appears so short. He, being a [100] style embossing piece, is compared to a [090]. the "short" one is about 3 6/8" high, compared to the regular 4" hemi-blue hemi-42 on the left. For all I know, every hemi-42 of this embossing style is this short, it just seems strange to me that this guy would be so short. Any ideas? ------------------------------------ I've been answered! Apparently, these 154s (and their CD 163, and 122 counterparts) were part of a WW2 effort to reduce the amount of glass consumed by production of glass insulators, as Hemingray could scarce afford the same amount of glass.